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Christopher M. Gaston (xenovision) arrived in Japan on November 3rd, 1990 and this was the start of what he calls his, "Creative Adventures in Japan".  If you explore the pages of xenovision`s web site, you will see that Christopher enjoys creating unique art for public, private and corporate clients which are located throughout Japan and around the world.

xenovision`s studios are set up to create artifacts in the areas of high fired ceramics of both functional and non, illuminated sculptures comprising of assorted metals, ceramics, concrete, glass and handmade rice paper, using them in various combinations and forms. These sculptures are then  illuminated from the inside by the use  of colored neon lights and or a LED lighting system.  Christopher also continues to expand his intense exploration of
still photography, graphic design and his mind melting eye candy video art.

For further information about xenovision please read the intro page. All inquiries are welcome to contact Christopher via the email address located on the connect page.  

        Christopher  M.  Gaston
     x  e  n  o  v  i  s  i  o  n
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