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  Welcome to xenovision`s online gallery exhibition.  Here you will be able to view online and for the first time, the chance to purchase my one-of-a-kind art outside of Japan.  Have a look around my galleries and if you are interested in purchasing a piece of art for your home or business along with supporting my creative adventures in Japan.  Please contact me at the email address located on my connect page.  I`ll be posting up more galleries and I look forward to hearing from you!

ゼノ ヴィジョンオンラインギャラリーにようこそ!イン ターネットで、クリスガストンの作品が直接作家から購買できるようになりました。全 てオリジナルです。ご家庭、オフィス、あるいはご進物用に是非ご利用くだい。
ご連 絡は
connect ペー ジから、メールでお願い致します。

(click on the photos to view each gallery)
Colorful Party Cups & Bowls Gorgeous Gold Cups Colorful Party Boxes Colorful Party Trays
xCRW_6446s.jpg xCRW_6484s.jpg xCRW_6524s.jpg CRW_6619s.jpg
Guardian Spirits LED Illuminated Sculptures
CRW_6680s.jpg LED Illuminated Sculptures
coming soon!
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