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2013 Profile of Christopher M. Gaston  / x e n o v i s i o n                                  (日本語)
EARTH- 1966, United States of America.

1990                 BFA (Fine Arts), Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD), IS Scholarship, Columbus, Ohio.
1987-90            Studio assistant to ceramic artist-  Ban Kajitani, Columbus, Ohio.
1990-91            Moves to Japan, studio assistant to ceramic artist- Eiichi Morita, Kasama, Japan.
1992-present    Receives "Artist Visa" from the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), Government of Japan.
1994-present    Starts ceramics, sculpture, and multi-media design studio in Yasato, Japan.
2011.03.11       xenovision`s home / studio in northern Japan was rocked by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake and
                         made not safe to live or create in after the Great East Japan Earthquake.  Lives in van for 5
                         months camping around the mountains of Mie-Prefecture in search of a new studio and home.
2011-12            Sets up temporary studio at "Haha-Yama" (Mother Mountain) in Komono, Mie-Prefecture, Japan.
2013                 Sets up and moves to second studio on the south western island of Kyushu, Japan.

1990  "Earth Day Celebration" (invitation group show), "Park of Roses", Columbus, Ohio.
           "3 MAN SHOW" w/ D.B.Black, M.A.Ceschiat, & LSD, ROYGBIV
Gallery, Columbus, Ohio.                         
1991  "Quatre" (invitation group show), Gallery Jonaizaka Art Space, Mashiko, Japan.
1992  "Mino`92 International Ceramics Exhibition" Tajimi hall, Tajimi, Japan.
1994  "Homonize" (w/Douglas B. Black) at Gallery Narium, Fuji-yoshida, Japan. 
1996  "IDEES" Idees Design shop (invitation group show), Tokyo, Japan.
1997  "TRY 21" (100 works, invitation group show), The Natural History & Science Museum, Odawara, Japan.
2003  "The Power of Design & Art" (museum collection exhibit), Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Gifu, Japan.
2005  "Beyond the Border from Here" (invitation group show), Gallery Aboke, Kasama, Japan.
2006  "Open Channels/Hidden Worlds" (w/Maui silk artist- Cudra Clover), Gallery Katsura, Kasama, Japan.
2007  "Next Wave" (video projection) Kagoashima Museum of Art, Kagoshima, Japan.                                                              
2008  "Three Roads to Mashiko" (D.B.Black, A.J.Gemrich, C.M.Gaston) Gallery Midori, Mashiko, Japan.
           "Three Roads to Mashiko" (D.B.Black, A.J.Gemrich, C.M.Gaston) Gallery Midori, Mashiko, Japan.  
2010~14   "Three Roads to Mashiko" (D.B.Black, A.J.Gemrich, C.M.Gaston) Gallery Midori, Mashiko, Japan.

1990  "Unbalance between Man & Nature" w/ LOUD SOUNDING DREAM (LSD), BFA thesis exhibition (CCAD)
           "Unbalance between Man & Nature" w/ LSD, (curated by Jack Piper), Milo art Center, Columbus, Ohio.
           "GASTONAMICAL EXHIBITION" w/ (LSD), The human Observation Lab, Kansas City, Missouri.
1993  "Worlds in Collision" Gallery Jonaizaka Art Space, Mashiko, Japan.
1995  "XENOS EXHIBITION" Gallery You, Yokkaichi, Japan. "XENOS`95" Cross+Gallery, Nagoya, Japan.
1996  "ORACLE of GAIA" Tsukuba Museum of Art, Tsukuba (Science City), Japan.
2002  "xenovision2002" Gallery Jonaizaka Art Space, Mashiko. Gallery Katsura, Kasama. Gallery You, Yokkaichi, Japan.
2003  "xenovision2003" Gallery Katsura, Kasama.  Gallery Sid, Yokkaichi. Gallery Tsukuba (Science City), Japan.
2004  "xenovision2004" Kintetsu Gallery, Yokkaichi, Gallery Katsura, Kasama, Japan.
2005  "ATOMIC SPIRITS" Gallery Utsuwaten, Mashiko. Gallery Katsura, Kasama. Gallery Eizo, Tokyo, Japan.
2006  "Pill Boxes & Treasure Chests" (100 ceramic artifacts) Cross Gallery, Nagoya, Japan. 
2007  "HUMAN SPIRITS" White Gallery, Kagoshima, Japan.                                                                                
2008  "ALIEN SPIRITS" White Gallery, Kagoshima, Japan.  Gallery Sid, Yokkaichi, Japan.
2010  "GUARDIAN SPIRITS" White Gallery, Kagoshima, Japan.
           "SAKURASAKU" (Kagerouen+xenovision) music by HOPPY Kamiyama, Gallery LE DECO, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

1989  MEZZELLUNA (first place, wall mural), One Nation Plaza, Columbus, Ohio.
1992  MINO International Ceramics Competition`92, (Special Judges, awarded by Yoshiaki Inui), Mino, Japan.
1995  JAPAN PHOTO BIENNIAL`95 APA (Japan advertising Photography Association), traveling exhibition-
           Ueno Mori Museum of Art, Tokyo. Fukuoka Museum of Art, Kyushu. Fujusaki Clover Hall, Tohoku.
           Gifu Museum of Art, Chubu. Shiga Museum of Art, Kansai. Hokkaido Museum of Art, Hokkaido, Japan.

          The Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Gifu, Japan.
          New Zealand Embassy (private), Shibuya, Tokyo.
          Saint-Gobain (Illuminated Wall Mural) Saint-Gobain Bldg. lobby space, Koji-machi, Tokyo.
          Misato-mura (park sculpture) Tsu-shi, Japan.
          and numerous private collections though out Japan, Asia, Europe,
          New Zealand, Australia and in the United States.

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